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Mental Vitamin


“New ways and means of using your abilities will never develop unless you make use of every possible opportunity to offer something of what you are in all that you do.”

Willis Kinnear, The 30-Day Mental Diet

Product Review: Anita Grant Banana Rhassoul Deep Condish


Hi All!  

I had such an experience with this product I had to do a review!  I bought the Banana Rhassoul Deep Condish (an earlier version) 3 years ago.  I forgot I had it until a few months ago, used it but thought it was a little old and bought a fresh batch.    

Since I’ve cut my hair and revealed my thick, voluptuous healthy New Growth…I’ve returned to many of the products I used in the beginning.  Along with my collection of homemade products and a better understanding of what Lavish loves, my hair has gotten stronger, shinier, curlier, and fuller.

Softness was what I was going for and this deep condish seemed like the perfect…well, deep condish.

I ordered the Marshmallow Rhassoul Deep Condish ($8.95) and the Banana Rhassoul Deep Condish ($7.95).  I also bought a few samples of the most delicious sounding hair delights I’d ever heard.  That’s saying a lot considering every natural hair store seems to have the best names for their products.

As I started to mix it, it started to smell more and more like I was making a chocolate cake (I was also fasting from sugar so I was really wanting chocolate cake too:)

I washed my hair with Terressentials Left Coast Lemon Pure Organic Hair Wash.  My hair was clean, smelled like lemons, and I couldn’t wait to follow bentonite clay with rhassoul clay (I’d heard this was close to orgasmic online…seriously:)

Her wonderfully detailed instructions suggest adding a very hot liquid.  She recommends coconut milk as it makes the chocolate smell of the organic unrefined cocoa butter (yes:) even more rich.  My hair doesn’t like coconut milk right now so I added hot flaxseed liquid instead (her second recommendation).  

It was very easy to mix and I used all 3 cubes (my hair is very thick).  


I applied it to my hair and wrapped it with saran wrap.

I put my scarf on and went to bed…


The next morning I washed it out and loved the results.  I didn’t reall smell the banana but I wonder how it contributed to my soft, light, conditioned hair.  My hair felt well moisturized.  I twisted my hair with one of the samples I ordered Whipped Butter Lemon Sponge Cake along with the clay.  I left my hair twisted for about 5 days and then wore a twist out for a couple of days.  When I took my hair down it still smelled like lemon sponge cake (and I seal my ends with my own oil mix every night:).  Let’s just say I ordered a full size Whipped Butter ($8.95) plus…and move on.  I won’t even tell you that my kids started asking for the “lemon cake one” when I sealed their ends at night!

Check me out!

My Final Review:  

 I LOVED IT!  I loved making it, smelling it and putting it on my hair.  I don’t think I used enough liquid for the consistency I like, but this is an easy fix for next months treatment. I’ve enjoyed all of the products I’ve ordered from Ms. Grant.  Her products are very decadent, freshly handmade and I love that her site is filled with great information.  

Did I mention her company is in the UK–Hertford, Hertfordshire to be exact.  I promise you, her products got here faster than some of the companies I order from here in the US!  My order was under $34 so my shipping costs were a flat $10.75 (I may be off with the change but around here). Well worth it.  If you’re on the fense about this product, it’s worth the cost, short wait (considering it’s coming from another country:), and lavish hair experience!  

Deep Condition Lavishly:)

New Cut & Style!

I’m lovin’ my new haircut!  I was able to cut off all of the remaining dead ends and do another 5 day Terressentials detox.  Lavish LOVED it!  It’s great feeling my healthy hair, she’s even shining again!

I feel like I’m starting over and I really like that.  This is the beginning of an exciting adventure! Where and how long will Lavish Grow Next?!?  Can’t wait to see.  How are you doing on your lavish hair journey?

Breathe Lavishly:)

Under the Wig: My Weekly Moisture Treatment!


Hi All!

I’ve been focused on moisture over the last month and rocking wigs this week to give my hair a break.  Tomorrow is “hair wash” day and I am so excited!  I trimmed the remaining dead ends from my hair (about another 2 inches).  I put it in about 8 twists and wore a combination of wigs this week (in-laws were in town and wanted to spend time with them and not rush my hair process..it’s just not lavish:).  


My hair needed the break and I kept it moisturized daily with aloe vera/rose spritz (aloe vera juice, water infuesed with organic roses and hibiscus flowers, and plain water).  I also let my hair absorb moisture in the shower a couple of days.


I used my homemade oil mix (I didn’t measure but I used about 2 tbsps sunflower oil, 1 tsp wheat germ oil, 1 tbsp castor oil and 8 drops of grapefruit essential oil–for joy:) to massage my scalp and moisturize my ends/strands.  


I ordered a fresh bottle of Terressentials (yes, I’m going back to the essence:) so I’m going to use this instead of my own mix this week.  


Enjoy your weekend–Lavishly!!!