Henna Treatment with Green Tea & Honey

For my first henna treatment I used CurlyNikki’s recipe because I already had all of the ingredients. I had this green tea in my cabinet and let two 2 bags steep in boiling water while I mixed together the ingredients for my homemade clay wash.  After the tea cooled, I mixed it together with Jamilla Henna and let that sit while I washed my hair.  I let the clay wash sit for 60 minutes.  

Sidenote:  I’m going to start shortening this time when I use this wash again because I don’t see a big difference from leaving it on an extra 30 minutes.  I need more moisture with my styling products but that’s a different post.  I got so caught up in deep conditioning and henna, I almost didn’t notice my hairs gentle nudge for more daily moisture.  Before adding the henna to my hair, I added about 2 tablespoons of organic honey to add extra moisture and hydration.  Lavish LOVES honey Honey!  Oh, and this tea also has hibiscus leaves (which I read help condition the hair and skin). 

putting the henna in was actually a lot of fun.  I love the smell and how it felt on my scalp.  

I had so much fun during my henna experience.  I took so many photos and videos (special thanks to hubby for these henna pics:) that I’ll post the “morning photos” in my next post.

Love Lavishly:)


Protective Style of the Week

My hair feels healthy enough to go 2 weeks before my next wash. My hair was really dry after the last henna treatment so moisture and low manipulation are my goals…plus, Lavish just wants to breathe!


Love Lavishly:)

Henna Results & Recipes

My hair is definitely more brown than before.  My few gray hairs:) went from bright orange red to a softer brownish color with fiery highlights after the second treatment.  I wasn’t expecting any color from the henna so this is a nice surprise…



I followed CurlyNikki’s recipe and bought Jamilla Henna from Mehandi.com.  I’ve had challenges with dryness after my henna treatments so I’m letting my hair take a break for a couple of weeks (no washing, protective styles).  I plan on trying Nupor Henna or Henna with Ayurvedic herbs included in the mix to see if that helps at all with the dryness.  

For my first henna I used CurlyNikki’s Recipe.   For my second treatment I used this one from Dawn Michelle at MinimalistBeauty (AWESOME treatment as well-you mix with cocounut milk and oils…it’s so Lavish:).  I’ll probably buy Nupor off Amazon but I’m also going to buy from a new place I found while looking up different types of henna: Lakshmi’sCupbord.  She has a great selection of Henna products (and other goodies) and…FREE MEDITATIONS!  

Great things for your mind and body…Lavish and I love that! 

Shop Lavishly:)

Henna Photo

My hair after 1st henna treatment. It really helped add fullness and thickness to each strand. I have more pics, 2 henna recipes I’ve used so far and my monthly updates…so far, I love the effects of henna but I’ve got to find something to get rid of the straw-like feeling that happens afterward…

Henna is a very Lavish treatment!