The beginning…

Welcome!  I’m Lavish and this blog is about my awareness, understanding, knowledge and love of all things related to natural hair.  I’ve been natural since February 16, 2009. I did my bc on January 25, 2010 and my hair grew so fast, so full, so thick, coarse, kinky, and cottony beautiful I just couldn’t stop playing with it.  I didn’t know much when I started but quickly became a product ‘junkie’ and fell in love with all of the naturally delicious, organically handmade treasures I never knew existed until YouTube!

But the newness eventually wore off.  The delight of new growth and new length was replaced by dread of the 3 or 4 hours it would take to wash, detangle, and style (styling could add another few hours as well).  I got lazy and I thought my hair could handle it.  Instead of playing and studying my hair and its greatness, I rushed.  Sprinkle a little stress and heat damage (blow drying and flat ironing specifically) into the mix and damage reared her familiar face…right in my crown and edges.
So, I’m on a new journey.  I am committed to discovering everything I can possibly discover about the care, growth, and love of healthy hair.  Through research, testing, reviewing, reading and documenting everything I try along the way, I’m going to create my own customized healthy hair and skin care system for me and my family.
My healthy hair goals are to:
  • repair all of the damage for good (edges, breakage, thinning, itchy scalp, and shedding) 
  • grow my healthy hair longer and maintain my length
  • Learn which oils, butters, extracts, powders, and store bought products work best for my 4a, b, c hair 
What makes Lavish unique?
She’s highly porous, loves daily moisture, protective styles, and apple cider vinegar.  Prefers long walks in the park, raspberry iced tea, laughter, and henna:)
What are your hair goals?  
Lavishly Natural:)